Cambray is a digital marketing agency based in Cheltenham, UK


Cambray is a digital marketing agency based in a light and airy Regency building in the centre of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

How We Work

In over 10 years' of trading we’ve developed a strong core management team and extensive working relationships with many local digital freelancers.

Using our infrastructure and systems, together with a robust project management framework, we attract talented people to work together efficiently and effectively, to create exciting and tailored initiatives. We often create solutions which follow a path that customers didn’t realise even existed.

Being a freelancer requires a highly motivated and very focused approach to work - and combining those talents in a team environment delivers great results.

Our freelancers have a long history of working with us, enjoy the culture of the company and treat our requirements as high-priority work.


Our multi-disciplinary team work with you at every step of the way, tailoring approaches around your business and your customer to achieve fantastic results.

ian stone

Ian Stone

Managing Director
Marketing Strategy
tim hills

Tim Hills

Operations Director
Lead Generation Specialist
richard stone

Richard Stone

Financial Director
Business Analyst
jade ho

Jade Ho

Senior Graphic Designer
emma gorton

Emma Gorton

Social Media Executive
Nick de Jong

Nick de Jong

Senior Sales Executive
peter anderson

Peter Anderson

Sales and Mindset Consultant
tim davis

Tim Davis

Web Developer
alex mckee

Alex McKee

Software Developer

Our Culture - What Makes Us Different

We’re not afraid to take on challenging solutions and our flexible structure enables us to easily increase available resources.

Although each member of our team takes ownership of specific tasks, openly sharing challenges and drawing on each other’s strengths produces creative ideas and alternative approaches that help to craft a well thought out strategic solution.

Our approach uses the analogy that with little pockets of fire you can create a blaze. We create an excellent environment for all of the team to be stretched and developed, whilst providing support for each other within a collaborative environment.

Bringing together a wide diversity in skill sets to work closely together on a collaborative basis has proved a winning approach in developing innovative solutions.

Why Use Us?

We can offer a wide range of digital services - we have successfully met a huge variety of business challenges.

Clients benefit from teams being able to deliver solutions based on extensive practical experience of what does and doesn’t work.

Our broad range of skill sets wouldn’t be available elsewhere, other than in very large marketing companies (with correspondingly large fees!)

All of the team are highly motivated to deliver a successful service