George-Stone Gardens

George-Stone Gardens provide garden design, landscaping and maintenance for domestic and commercial customers in the Cotswolds.

Cambray created enough opportunity to employ 10 people in 24 months

The Challenge

George-Stone Gardens wanted to signficantly increase sales and employ the best gardeners and landscapers in the area. They needed a way to consistently fill their sales pipeline with the ideal type of customer to safely grow their business.

The Results

Working with George-Stone Gardens we were able to solve four core problems for the business:

  • increase their sales
  • sell the right product to the right type of customer
  • create a consistent flow of new business
  • recruiting 10 new high quality staff

George-Stone Gardens are now one of the leading companies in the area, attracting a high calibre of new employees (customers?) because of their consistent growth.

thousand pounds in new revenue generated

new "ideal type" customers

full-time employees generated

core problems solved

From our client

"It has been a long-term with relationship with Cambray. They have solved problems and supported change as the business grew. The digital strategies and campaigns implemented account for over 60% of the new business generated each month. It has allowed consistent growth year-on-year."

Kirsty McGeorge - Director, George-Stone Gardens

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