Keeping your customers at the heart of your business

At Cambray, we help you to better understand your customers. We focus on their needs, buying behaviour and how to communicate with them in a way that encourages them to buy from you.

We create synergy between your brand and your customers through user experience research, market research and customer persona creation.

Cambray’s customer research team help you to build and implement a research strategy tailored around your business goals.

“I was looking for a company to revitalise my website and enable more business marketing activities. The Cambray team were able to walk me through each stage of the web redesign, explore my potential customers and tailor my pages, articles and resources to their needs. The whole process and their approach has allowed me to think more clearly about business direction and marketing opportunities, and to become more excited about finding more clients.”

Nick Howell, Abintus Coaching

How we work with you?

Focus Groups

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers with spontaneous, in-depth responses from focus groups and telephone interviews.


Develop an effective marketing and sales strategy driven by customer data from quantitative research.

User Experience Research

Optimise your customer journey and experience by understanding how your customers interact with your website, products, advertising and marketing materials.

Customer Personas

Understand and target your ideal customers by creating fully-formed and accurate customer personas.

How we add value

Target the Right People

Make the most of your resources by targeting relevant customers. Understand your ideal customer, who they are and where to find them.

Target Them in the Right Way

Understand how to present your brand and pitch your products in a way that resonates with customers and encourages them to buy.

Build Relationships

Build a business strategy around what customers really want. Show that your company is open to feedback and encourage two-way communication.

Encourage Repeat Purchase

Optimise your customer journey, increase satisfaction and nurture existing customer relationships to foster customer loyalty.

Discover and Solve Problems That You Weren’t Aware Of

Gain a fresh perspective and ensure that everything you produce is relevant, engaging and clearly understood by your customers.

Want to know more?

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