Optimising sales

Understanding your customer needs to improve sales

Understanding how the mind influences behaviour is a key to achieving high sales performance. When your mind is not focused, targets are missed.

Research shows when your mind is not in the game your targets are missed. To improve consistency in overall sales we build a more resilient, flexible mindset and hone the sales technique to increase conversion.

2 years ago I set up a wedding photography company on a part-time basis. After 18 months the business was doing well but I was spending a lot of time on developing the website and social media work. I approached Cambray and over a coffee we discussed all of the things that they could do to grow the company. The main objective was that the marketing costs needed to pay for themselves. Within a few weeks it was clear that the marketing was generating additional sales.  As a direct result of their input, 6 months later Cambray’s work accounted for 35% of my sales and I was able to make this my main job. I am looking forward to the next phase, where Cambray will be helping me to grow the business further and make it more efficient."

Lee Hawley, Founder - Lee Hawley Photography

How we work with you

Consultative Sales Training

Improving the capability to extract and prioritise the needs of a customer within the sales process enables every member of the sales team to gain an increase in performance.

Flow Sales Method

Developing the ability to deliver the sales experience in a natural, unhurried, friendly and conversational style places the customer at ease. Salespeople working in a flow state gain better rapport and deeper connection with the customer.

Product Pitch Evolution

Take the best discoveries and leaning from earlier training to focus on evolving the existing product sales pitch. Becoming more customer-centric will improve the sales process for the whole team.

Mindset Upgrade

Training the mind of the sales professional to develop consistency and flexibility. Collaboratively design strategies to build emotional resilience in a target driven environment.

Sales Training Hub

Capture videos and transcripts of the best discoveries and tactics from the training workshops to preserve the knowledge and embed as best practice.

How we add value

Improve Morale

Inject new energy into the sales team to improve interaction with the customer and the outlook on individual and team capability.

Test New Sales Skills

You have to fail to get better! We provide a safe environment for failing fast and learning what does and doesn’t work.

Increase Sales Team Performance

Success builds on success; by raising the standard of the team as a whole, every member will be more motivated to build their skillset.

Preserve Accumulated Knowledge

Every salesperson has their sales gems and tactics that convert well. Draw these out, capture and build on them.

Resilience Against the Marketplace

The sales team are constantly challenged whilst receiving varied opportunities, resilience builds consistency of results.

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