Invest in your team to drive business growth

However good your product or service is, you need a high performing team to grow the business. Training will ensure they stay motivated, cohesive and vibrant.

Cambray’s workplace coaches and trainers help you to support your employees more effectively, enabling both your team and your business to grow.

“Working with Cambray was straight forward and very efficient and exceeded our expectations for sales training. We expect to re-engage in the coming months to continue the development and bring on additional members of our team with the same training."

Kirsty McGeorge, Director - George Stone Gardens

How we work with you


An initial diagnostic involves unobtrusive observation and interviews with the employees, understanding how they feel and what triggers their thinking.

Mindset Training – 1:1 Coaching

Helping people to remove mental blocks, building confidence to overcome challenges in a volatile marketplace. Includes focus on communication, emotional resilience, motivation, and creative thinking.

Team Building In-house

Creating a positive and productive team spirit to work together in developing potential solutions to key business problems.

Away Day Training

Re-uniting your team with creative exercises designed around the specific problems or issues your team may be facing. Tailor an approach that meets the objectives of your team.

How we add value

Improve the Return on Your Most Valuable Asset

Research shows that investing in people increases the company bottom line.  Invest in your team to encourage higher performance, loyalty, commitment and business growth.

Better Communication

Use positive language and improve communication. Learn how to improve the way your team members interact with customers as well as with each other.

Develop Greater Collaboration

Encourage a collaborative team atmosphere by removing workplace silos and getting people to work together. Create a more inclusive working environment and provide everyone with a voice and a common goal.

Remove Blockages

Use mind-set training and techniques to remove negativity in your teams. Reframe negative behaviours, beliefs and thoughts to focus on developing the strengths of each individual.

Improve Performance

Improve the performance and output of your teams by ensuring that they are heard, understood and recognised. Develop strong foundations focused on key basic requirements to achieve excellent results.

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